Camberwell Residence

An Extension of the Old

Extensions & Renovations

This home needed to be an extension of the old home, no transition from old to new just a seal-less join outside and in. The rear section with all the mod cons, and the front section refurbished with double glazed windows, under floor, wall and ceiling insulation to get the most out of their heating cooling unit and keeping the house at a consitant temperature

  • Under floor insulation
  • Water tanks x 2 backed up to mains
  • Re-insulate all walls and ceiling space
  • New gas heating/cooling system
  • Timber Double glazed windows
  • Solar power
  • Sustainable timbers and panelling
  • Fog clear mirror- new generation
  • Low VOC wall Paint and floor polish
  • Irrigation system

This home renovation/extension price $200,000-$250,000